Defining the term "Mormon(s)"

The prophet Mormon
Regarding my use of the term “Mormon(s),” it should be noted that while I do my best to heed the counsel of Church leaders and adhere to the criteria provided by the Church’s style-guide when referencing the complete and correct name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members, I have always maintained that I make a clear distinction between “Members of the Church…” and “Mormons

As far as this publication is concerned, “Flippin’ Utah Mormons” is not intended to be a blanket description of all members of the Church that happen to live in Utah. “Mormons” are herein defined as those who embrace and proselytize “Mormon culture at the expense of Gospel principles. They may believe that said culture is indistinguishable from the Gospel of Jesus Christ—as taught by the Church to which they belong—but, in practice, it is not only distinct from the Gospel, it can at times even be antithetical to it. It should also be noted that Mormon culture is not necessarily contained within Utah's geographical boundaries but it does appear—at least from my perspective—to be centered here.

For purposes of brevity, following their introduction using the appropriate nomenclature, the terms “the Church” and “LDS” are used respectively in reference to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and as a descriptor for its general membership, official teachings and/or policies—unless otherwise noted—and I will continue to use the term “Mormon(s)” as defined above. 

Joseph L. Puente
Salt Lake City, Utah